Thursday, August 6, 2015

Nutella Mousse Cake

Today I am bringing you this delicious cake!
Nutella Mousse Cake

Without having to use the oven, this pie is perfect for summer! Normally this cake it's covered with a layer of ganache. I think it is too sweet, so I prefer to add a thin layer of cream and spread a little ganache on the top.

With this recipe you will get a rich mousse cake, which every single bite tastes like heaven!

Enjoy it!


For the cake

1 packet ladyfingers biscuit
1 tablespoon Nutella
1 cup milk

For the mousse

3 tablespoons cold water
1 teaspoon gelatin powder
1/2 cup (5oz) Nutella
1/2 cup cream cheese
1 1/2 cup heavy cream (35%)
3 teaspoons granulated sugar
2 tablespoons Dutch process cocoa powder

For the cream

1/2 cup heavy cream (35%)
3 tablespoons granulated sugar

For the ganache

1/4 cup heavy cream (35%)
5 tablespoons Nutella 


To make the cake

Place milk and Nutella in a sauce pan on low heat until they combine together
Remove from heat
Immerse ladyfinger biscuits in warm chocolate milk

Place the soft ladyfinger biscuits on a deep tray

Tip! This cake is non-transferable to a plate, once you set the ladyfinger biscuits on the tray you won´t be able to transfer it.

To make the mousse

Place water in a sauce pan
Add gelatin, and whisk
Wait 5 minutes or until softened
Heat over low heat, stirring constantly, just until gelatin has dissolved (about 2 minutes)
Then, add Nutella and whisk until combined

Remove the mixture from the heat 
Prepare cream cheese in a large bowl 

Whisk cream cheese and Nutella mixture until you get a homogeneous texture

In a separate bowl, beat cream on low speed
When the cream becomes to thick, add sugar and cocoa powder
Beat just until combined

Then, increase speed to high and beat until it forms stiff peaks

Whisk 1/2 whipped cream at a time into Nutella and cream cheese mixture to lighten 
(Never the add Nutella mixture to the cream whipped bowl)

Use a rubber spatula to fold it in with encircling movements
Once all the whipped cream is mixed, you will get an amazing and delicious mousse!

Spoon the filling into the crust, and smooth
Refrigerate at least 3 hours

To make the cream

In a tall bowl, beat cream on low speed until it has doubled in volume, and then add sugar
Beat on high speed until it forms a stiff peaks
Spoon on the top and spread over the cake and refrigerate uncovered

To make the ganache
Heat cream over low heat until it simmers, then remove from heat

Add Nutella, stir until the mixture is smooth and transfer to a bowl to cool

Spread ganache over the cake

Refrigerate uncovered

 Tip! Prepare it the day before you serve it. It needs to be refrigerated between 6 and 12 hours.

The cake will keep for up to 3 days.

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  1. "every single bite tastes like heaven" I can confirm that !! <3
    I'm so impressed I was thinking while eating it : how did she do ? and now I'm like OOOOOHHH :D