Thursday, July 30, 2015

New projects, new recipes

Here we are. 

Only 2 months before the end of my adventure in Canada. 

Cristina, one of my friends from Spain, made this cake for my 24th birthday

This is my blog with all these dessert recipes that have my relatives, friends,  all my "Canadian family", my roommies, co-workers or even my bosses driven crazy. 
I hope you have the same result!
So, let´s start!

I am coming back to Spain. I am finishing a project, which was living in Toronto for one year and half. However, I am coming back motivated by my amazing friend Amandine, from Belgium, to start this blog. To start a new project! 

Why have I chosen "Ay que Cookie"? In Spanish "que cuqui", which is pronounced like "cookie", means "how cute". And well, It´s my sentence. I always say it, and it has become so famous among my friends that now they say it, too. 


  1. Aaaaaaah Isa I'm so so excited for your blog !! It's gonna be a really cool adventure for you, you are going to love it ! And also I will be able to follow your amazing recipes across the Atlantic ♥ I may even try to re-create some. Be careful the competition hehe

    1. Oooh!! Thank you!! I hope I can post more recipes soon, so you can try to make them at home!! Just let me know the result, I would be very happy that you are baking them! Thanks for your support! You are lovely!